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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  November 10, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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me thanks to the networks to work on in each thetinur friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks windmill men and women. fan. its. what the news breaks out pitcher and this week said so. some of our freedom and does not all the autobots of if it
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gets tossed the game at one now. the opm members of blood in nineteen forty seven that baucus on a big increase in crime books with the can it be be ok. aggression and suppression still continues and people continue to suffer even off to six decades. this demonstration is in and with the shooting which he'll keep him and was the black day off twenty second of july nineteen forty seven. when focused on the track the region. and since then cut in sleep the uk. state piece of silk is a black day video. these demonstrations are held across the uk on this day. demonstrators with trying new dresses to make people aware of of what
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happens during nineteen forty seven. he meant. it then the wedding day. the little video of nevada. many of the bendigo. this photo radio. and on. does this on the young generation all be okay with the vaulted of boston august on the atrocities inflicted on them. exposing the ugly face of a song. since the last six tickets is from above as you sew all the resources and natural growth of the uk and has suppressed all the basic
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two months. the era of persecution which began in nineteen forty seven has been going on today. casino on the i did. when i need to tiny. in scanning it. go find some time tuesday. you know. he's not. i know i'm a new. i know. st tells us that focused on the occupation of greece meters lead to an unconstitutional. focus on destroying the state and nationalist forces that brought this back in front of
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the load. the blood is defacto pounded the look and showed off on stretches of land stretching from gaga to foxton on the bike just need to china. looking to access west asia to be ok and a good time and station some seven to eleven thousand troops to guard its interest in the region. in. the he did gluttony. but they're not tony p o p but on this stock has been exploiting get the bulk this time as well people still don't have the basic rights. this time of month as the bbc did not spot the era of china due to which this huge resentment
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and going under. among the lupus and the situation was soon snowball. c a. sa water crotch or tall. that said if india has been digging folklore. i stomped on hold is science concluded that there is no board under the surface. it is a nepal. i am an. she looks good so be of india still digging for treasure of the four of the modular home from boxing in no. according to a science students and its divisions have been so good that was new the sum of three pieces of the buddhist era have been found on sites. it's been recently begun or until
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the eighteen off to see a true glimpse of god. so in his teens that one thousand tonnes of gold was supposed to be bid under the ruins of the nineteenth century before but change is concerned but that's not the ppp it's needed. previously known as the mansion be at the end of another. change also. did he tie into the excavation. in most of the next seventeen days to see what they raided his meetings were created in the heats. and. after that if you find it. what did the game is not possible. one of you know that it is going to continue to cook on them an an. cheeses to get to go
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all the pieces of the cst to go to the excavations of notes on eighty two states yet in the bazaar. so one thousand tonnes. yet nobody suppose to be baited into the ruins of a nineteen cent the base. the un to go to the city of india. no plans to initiate digging at the new site near the david banda. will be fixed issue is to stick it. this is so cool that anybody wants. the job he does but when talking to us. and hence they know and getting up to a depth of four point eight meters below the surface. and it is these two little information. it is this going on. you get cargo that ends with the style it's the reason has been going on that and an an. choosing
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tutelage city of india. with the consultation is nice to see this site has suggested another idiot side goes to the down side it's to be sin he said. no subject of today's photographs drawings trent was in progress. in an in. in it. yes it is stated that the key to the digits for the job of staying in the books the video no cost to students with these super simple. one thousand tonnes of food. hope to go see
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the king appeared in his team into it. patricia. it's a. it started off great estate deal after the break. but adding i've gone soft. that was about to die. david vos body to keep that in this heat it up the tab. the state of the dog walk the talk about a stock that is only for men big as it gave evidence that reads but what the heck out what on bidding music off his upcoming film. off to pray bob saw sharon business indian batting maestro sachin did that got onto the piece hundred and fifteen fast us fifty in this final innings at a domestic dominance. it
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was because of the fun of all is a good tidings that you can do better. so one last time from home plate in the run due to the match against ghana. amid heightened excitement that is still in the sleepy village of rest goes into a cricket crazy reno. the defending champions contest the post assumes significance as this was the term investments by new competitive onto the next monster seats against the west indies which would eliminate the second game to play with them to vote to bring the curtain down on victoria's twenty four unit trust with the international cricket. nobody had been to go. he scored seventy nine there's nothing better than no match practice. in this post have to give them a lot of confidence but that did it but they vowed that
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the domestic money toward getting connected and it all but it was an easy baby. in the small moans that he wanted to update often he's nine one hundred days of islamists and he is on the bench for fifteen to eighteen. the incident near the front line against liana in nineteen ninety one. an eighteen year old cent of its margins this week was rushing off and tucked into the cbd which cover the inside twenty two years later in the spinoff of being swindled surviving and bone up on trying to do today to pay the five day find the one who stadium. to withdraw from the team. zero well as geared up to prison so it's hard not to do today leads with jaunty one c dodd stadium in london
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but on tuesday of this from both. pm. now let's see the keys. the bid made up of the top bottom of the robots also requests that have been using google to look at the qb russell that book was the and it's good to see with the team the last four days long beaded stadium this may be in great shape he scored on the sanctity of this fun of and demand olivia five solid days went into a state of frenzy. often the most that can go to ukraine. so walmart for the two test matches. i met this lovely home ground of them on payday. with that but it has touched me. letting go
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oh what's that. in a statement. a little bit. says has played thirty seven runs in back to school but also making his debut against the drop in december nineteen eighty eight. this last month the appearance was a fighter and elongated stadium. and so much for him to the cia. last season also included a total of one bite was hoping that the cds against toll. saw the new bar golf water that is capital kabul. a new state of the opp what a pompous come up with the shock everyone is that when the bed out about this match and are vivid. is it all the above sign of functioning. also the only guns and police
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alleged the dough. it's always easy to forget the fun is happening in afrikaans a victim of the nissan. except that one of the adults eating don't come with slides and splashing in the war to an end. a sudden on this to be the central problem recipients of the battle of the capital. haven't you when the news it's all just a state of the art walks off this really is a great place for entertainment. one swim up the notch mayors said . kids thought of that. that his body. it's not going to leave the city. this is
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the key pieces to the detail a typical day. wanted to do still though the get go momo looked in the jumpy and sweep of those who pick axe to be when you wanted to tulsa to see hundreds would need to always get the ball and visiting. in addition to tolerate slides this a huge wave pool. eliciting noisy designed for adults with was that one might expect from children visiting the beach for the last time. with swim salts but knowles links goldstein students went inside. the creators of the noble five million dollar end of the ireland if the wind probably not wringing their hands over his son's future. off to two thousand fourteen win saw them combat troops are due to leave. i eye. it's pretty obvious that it's gone so bloody above post two
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thousand fourteen matches he said . in this. that is yet to get back. they don't as yet. the bottom was at that the facade. a city with the other the tweets is above fifty dollars a week. what's driving the ethos can afford it. this prize. all nine of those . the it's up to the acidity which can come up to one thousand custom was that time also has a restaurant sauna and damage
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to india for young children including those who love to mix with the opposite until the age of about ten the big progress in education. built in book. it comes of it was of society. but most still with the head to toe caught up in force by the taliban when the fundamentalist movements noticed on islam in nineteen ninety six to ten thousand baht segregation of the sexes and limits on the activities the women remained the norm sun hitting the defendant and thought indeed. when shows like the calm one was a bomb on a rare sight the tree is showing signs that the economy may be able to sustain itself as the nation's strength. what sets are due to elect a new president in april. in what many hope with mom. songs posted democratic transfer of
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all. but that also follow warlords and scattered it's an unusual alliance is how cruel and so on. among human rights groups. it's a the law it. it got messed up so she go much and it raises bollywood film makeup while updating has a cough upcoming romantic drama of the job along with taunts and crew of the film in the entertainment capital of may the dnc needs to sixteen months in the peaceful and me. i'm all for coming and i took some time until i found a costume too often think in the entertainment capital late on sunday. but disney
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has debuted as a family conflict much tempted by sin had joked to him during the offering on sky and the most kick start. and since the end of line dancing it needed to it's a band that up naked in about seventy try. yet i am going to be. he didn't want to get started and wasn't thinking at least reduce service office and often testy. our
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i cheated and didn't seek not to say. and its music is expected to be keen to audience and snacks. but the barbecue bob was a tremendous thing you'll want to scrub them. under gov will come a lot. on sunday. hello from the levy to become no less a degree of that elusive will ever trust. it is the city. what abundance of mr the eviction key i went to optimize me. she loves the ear. the customer. sony open. he got into it haha. he needs. i use to them. i
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captured it on to look into the kitchen that said i screwed it back. it would seem to be. but that is what the. gods he had to waste time. if that guy think about it. beats me. these. my ipod but at the neck. admitted ot about ten min break this meeting is at a safe keeping adina and in some twenty eight and ten cents meet the impact of an incident saying he feels is asking an image of the ff plus did i not on the twenty eight doesn't say it took a cue that they don't have to hand upright. baby jacket looking but the witch announcing about. a tool. just that. i
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thought. he says. putting the impact of gender. optus did you think more deeply this is the finished compost i can change. i do. children tickets to the ski across
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the country the end of this edition of news makes the picture. be back next may with more news views and analysis from the sub continent. meanwhile jockey riding in the loss at nw se at it i end up dom. this is a gem. signing off of the house the entire production team of music's out the shed. i can't get enough of international history. now we can bring your favorite detectives home on dvd. the best of international mystery and drama. now available at teammate see networks dot org
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the break up a child in the nineteen th. democracy. i teach english and spanish the group who witnessed the support of the region's integration in the european union. celtic culture on the issue. he calculates an open with europe. the year and bosnia. the man craig share. surely you can. kenyan coach of the montenegro and adults at the outdoor ones tasted economic and commercial shipping them to the eu. in many cases tell if the animals to teach me teach or preach or just an obstacle to regional cooperation. from the european continent and
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expected. coach rich countries and regions to take the chance to get short on minority rights and fight against corruption and organized crime. the outta here. when cutting them to express our aid in its normal homework only by riots. but by a concrete situations company protests. and i think that is important that ppp it was always the force behind the announcement groceries and he wants to continue. the use of cleaning he's organizing school finance. we must to him. a good dent into reach. with lesser god. sort of peace in europe. an even cooler temps fox process. we must to be taking a boat to be too sure of the problem of these us it's impossible to have that
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jesus became our fallacious even criteria such as teaching nineteen ninety three european council and denmark to find other countries eligible to join the eu. the criteria require the state as an institution is to present democratic governance and human rights functioning market economy that's not the case concerning the eu. bn is an official candidate and has implemented many reforms to me it sounded too quiet. he's going well but it could be better. we expect only eu member states to respect the conclusions of the european council and two most of the dates for serbia for opening the accession negotiations before the end of the irish presidency that was the commitment of eu twenty seven so i don't have any reason to doubt that the eu member states will stick to their commitments montenegro. iceland's techie. former yugoslav republic of macedonia oven mitts scarves that country's strict sense the people who
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criticize future announcement saying the eu is in danger of becoming a victim of a success. coming out in our neighborhood. she didn't bookmark disagree. some people thought that maybe worms six was enough. when mary and twelve. what we're seeing is that you can units become better and better. i don't agree with those who ascended to heaven and often succeed. because in that sense because of the market driven more by the dynamic period. we had otherwise the problems we have today almost coming from announcements are coming from the reforms in very many of those member states geographically the toxicity of the western balkans in the region that it can import into the eu the exception to the eu and you won't charge you nine. other countries in the region the eu. i want to
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comply. it's true. which will be the next eu and the day oh wait you can find more information. now with mike at bpp group don't eat until next time thank you for watching. it has been decided i didn't and that the england team yet to use them. that was on his official visit to cyprus. his recent election in the middle of a severe economic crisis and that the defendants in the region is the sign of hope and optimism. justice ted olson said the orthodox patriarchate stands as an undisputed guarantee the survival of the multinational and interrogation centers of the city of jerusalem. as in the next test yet this but his bottle. after editing the patriarch he wanted to highlight his appreciation for the great work that is
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being done. he added that the respect of the day isn't into using them as bad as autonomy and some other nations and ideologies is vital and even a cannon like this taking place within the european union the christian israel search ane during a period of two hundred square mile match an area north of the muscle the rescue coordination centers and navies of the two countries practiced rescuing injured crew member and sadness in pastel is to miss anything to match an accident involving a commercial ship the entire two hour operation was considered a success. an announcement said it showed the operational readiness of the competent services in both israel and cyprus is extensive economic sounds and scents and the skinny jeans. leaving her there is a free and well those of you for watching from around the world and in
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i can't think of a national scale. good evening is now six pm the time and you're watching the tv news. makes the news from around the world on their online for the globally minded audience with rtc one will. fanny the eye. the deal less. asked what a sad irony. the main stories are well the steelers eighteen people a way to living in the process found i've gone to visita


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